As a part of the travel package, you can participate in a number of activities at Temba Safari. Naturally, it is also possible to go on a range of different tours ranging from cultural trips to safari tours, or hunting trips in the nearby game reserves.

“There is something about a safari that makes you forget all your worries and makes you feel like you had half a bottle of champagne.”
Karen Blixen

In case it is not possible to carry out one of the tours we will of course do our best to replace the tour with a similar trip of the same quality and duration.

Please note that all drinks on the tours is charged on your own account, however there will always be drinks included in connection with meals.

Children under the age of eight years get 50 % off on almost all tours.

Did you know …

  • that the area is filled with warthogs and some funny Pumba-creatures, that you see all the time?
  • that the dung-beetles are a thrill to watch and worth a lot of pictures, when they roll large dung balls with their back legs?