A guided tour in a river boat is an excellent and relaxed way to experience the wild life along the Palala River, which serve as home for hippos and crocodiles

Palala River – sail in the sunset

Early in the afternoon we make for the Palala River, where we spend the afternoon in a small riverboat with an experienced guide, who can explain all about the diverse animal life in and along the river and not least, about the outstanding African nature. ‘

Along the way we will serve you drinks, refreshments and local delicacies such as biltong (sundried strips of meat). The river tour is a relaxed and exciting way to experience the animal life.

Price per person for 1-3 people2.300 ZAR
Price per person for 4-7 people1.300 ZAR
Price per person at 8 people and above1.050 ZAR