Our manager and game ranger, François, and his team of skilled employees are ready to make your stay a fantastic experience.

François is the manager at Temba Safari and an experienced game ranger. He has great knowledge of animals, birds and plants. He often talks about how you must see yourself as a guest in the world of animals, if you want to get the full experience of a stay in the bush.

François, who is of Dutch descent and speaks English, knows the area as well as the back of his hand, after having worked as a guide here for many years. He is very helpful, and you can ask him anything – from advice about tours in the area, to help solving practical problems that might arise.

Lucas is ranger/guide and Barry is our administrator. We also have Maureen and Helen who are responsible for cooking and Maria who helps in the kitchen.

Dessiah and Louisa are responsible for all house keeping at the lodge, and Andries and Franz take care of the garden, the pools, the cars and makes sure the fence and animals is taken care of.