The food

At Temba Safari all meals are prepared and served by our own chef, and you can look forward to being pampered. The local cuisine is an exciting combination of African, English and Dutch traditions, and there is plenty of it.

Full board

On a typical day you will have access to a large breakfast buffet, with among other things plenty of fresh fruit, bacon, eggs, yogurt as well as coffee, tea and juice.

In the middle of the day, where it is probably quite hot, you will have a reasonable and tasty lunch.

At night we serve fish or game, with tasty salads and a delicious dessert for satisfying the sweet tooth.

The game course can consist of a T-bone steak from an eland or maybe a roast from a kudu or impala brought down in the area.

Did you know …

    • that fresh bananas taste totally different and much better than the ones you are used to from the supermarket?
    • that kudus are also called “the ghosts of Africa”, because they are almost impossible to see when they stand still?
    • that impalas are also called “McDonald’s,” because they have a large M on their bottom, when you see them from behind. They have this, so they can confuse lions, who do not have a three-dimensional vision.